Zimbabwe Patients Reserve Medical tourism at Special Packages with the Best Healthcare Facilitator in India


Medical tourism has become bless for those patients who really need medical assistance. It becomes a responsibility for a medical tourism consultant to get the best medical package for their treatment in India. The patient only needs to get in touch with the consultants through their website by filling up their free enquiry form. Rest becomes their responsibility to get you the best affordable package for your medical treatment in India.

Medical Facilities in Zimbabwe

Medical facilities in Zimbabwe are really very affective and commendable but the only thing is that this medical service does not reach the patient on time. Many of the patients have to face difficulty some even die of suffering and some bravely seek for medical assistance out of their home town. This is the best time when you can count on Dheeraj Bojwani consultants. Dheeraj Bojwani consultants are the Best Medical Tourism Company In India. They will help you to get the best medical treatment in India and at affordable cost. The best part of it is; the treatment would start from the day you land in India, and without any wait the treatment would be decided. If surgery to be performed it will be decided quick and without any wait which is unlike other countries. One would not regret to be in India for their medical treatment.

India : Best for Medical Tourism

India is known for its best medical service. There are best hospitals and doctors who are well trained from some of the best institutes in India and abroad. The hospitals in India are updated with latest technique and equipment and believe in minimally invasive surgical technique. The hospitals have the best medical panel caring staff that will help you to recover fast. This entire one would get to see only in hospitals in India which is unlike in Zimbabwe medical service. This is how if anyone seeking for the medical treatment will get the best assistance with the help of Dheeraj Bojwani consultants.

medical tour in india for zimbabwe

Best Medical Facilitator in India

Dheeraj Bojwani consultants are the best guide for your medical treatment in India. They will help you with the following things to get the best treatment in India:

-        They will help you to get the best medical package for the entire treatment in India.

-        The consultants will help you to get medical visa.

-        Local travel which includes airport pick and drop.

-        Meals for the patient and family.

-        Accommodation for patient and family.

Surgeries Supported by Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants

There are many different types of surgeries that are assisted. Some of the major surgery and its types are detailed below:

If you are a patient suffering from spinal disorders then we have following surgical procedures for you:

Spinal Disc Replacement: common procedure which is done to treat a specific type of back pain.

Laser spine surgery: this is a minimally invasive surgical procedure not like traditional one. This surgery is performed by giving several small incisions and can even treat spinal conditions like scoliosis.

Spine Fusion: this surgery is performed to lessen up friction between bones like adjacent vertebrae. This procedure is the best for problems like spondylolisthesis.

If you are suffering from neuro disorder then the following treatment we have for you:

Rhizotomy: this procedure involves cutting of nerve roots.

Laminectomy: this procedure involves the removal of some portion of the bony arch, or lamina in order to relieve back pain.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery: this procedure is used to treat brain tumors using minimally invasive techniques; using radioactive method.

Benefits for International Patients

International patients can get the best treatment at affordable cost in India. The care that they will get at hospitals in India will never let them miss their home town. International patients can get the best medical treatment without making a hole in their pocket. This is all truly possible with the help of Dheeraj Bojwani consultants.

For more details visit http://www.dheerajbojwani.com/best-healthcare-tourism-company-agencies-India.html or fill our free consultation form online. Get Immediate query response at contact@dheerajbojwani.com or book your appointement online  on helpline number +91 9860755000.

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