How can I get Low Cost Liberation Treatment In India?


Before we talk about the Liberation Treatment cost In India, we need to get an overview in this paragraph. This is completely a new approach when it comes to treating the patients with ailments called Multiple Sclerosis. Of late, it has become the most popular option to be considered by a wide range of patients all across the world. It was Dr. Paolo Zamboni, (a former vascular surgeon) the professor at the University of Ferrara, Italywho is known to have developed this procedure while he was trying to get the overview of the causes when treating his wife who had the issue of Multiple Sclerosis. At times this procedure is also called as CCSVI or ZAMBONI procedure, which is among the modern methods for treating the multiple sclerosis. With the passage of time, it has become a popular choice for medical tourists coming to Indian hospitals for the said treatment. Thanks to the Liberation Treatment cost In India that has made all the difference.

Liberation Treatment Procedure

If you talk about the Liberation Procedure, it is carried out under local anesthesia along with the concurrent pain medication. This treatment often takes around half an hour to three hours to complete. The time it generally takes to complete the procedure that will vary would depend upon the severity of the block in the vein of the patients while the doctor starts evaluating his or her vascular system before the start of the surgical procedure. The kind of approach the surgery take would depend upon the number of balloons, which are required to be inserted into the vein. The procedure simply involves placing a thin shape catheter over the vein with a small size incision. It is carried out with the minimally invasive procedure, which makes it to be the safest and the best option to treat the patients.  There are other types of procedures as well to treat this ailment using the same idea of Liberation treatment. The Liberation Treatment cost In India will depend upon the type and approach chosen by doctors and other factors.

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Cost in India

When it comes to the Liberation Treatment cost In India, it happens to be the most affordable one while comparing to the other developed nations like the US or the UK. The cost difference comes to around 60 to 80 percent less as compared to the cost prevailing in the US rates. Also, the cost generally covers the comfortable and cost effective trip planning apart from the journey, your local stay and tourist’s experience. So, even you are seen covering all these expenses together you end up getting the affordable while comparing the one with the countries like the US or the UK. A quick comparison will help you in understanding the cost difference of the Liberation Treatment cost in India and other country like US or the UK. Like for example the CCSVI Liberation treatment cost in the US is around12,000 USD while the same procedure carried out in India can cost you around 4000 USD. The Balloon Angioplasty in India can cost you around 12,000 USD while the same procedure is carried out in the US at the cost of around 32,000 USD.

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