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Overview: Spine Conditions

Our spine or backbone is made up of 26 bone discs called the vertebrae, which protect the spinal cord. It is one of the most crucial organs in our body. It allows smooth movement and plays a significant role as we perform the routine activities. But there are many problems, which can alter the structure of the spine or cause damage to the vertebrae and the surrounding tissue; problems like injuries, infections, ageing or tumours.

There are spine conditions that can be extremely painful episodes for an individual. Some of these are:

·        Degenerative Disc Disease – This mainly happens with ageing, as a person ages just like other joints of the body, the discs also degenerate and can cause a lot of problems. But there are cases where people as young as 20 have been affected by this disease. In this, the intervertebral discs, which are pillow like cushions between the vertebrae and act as shock absorbers. With ageing, these discs lose their flexibility and elasticity and get thinner and dehydrate. It usually affects the low back that is the lumbar spine or the neck that is the cervical spine area.

·        Spondylosis – Also called as Spinal Osteoarthritis, it can be quite painful and worsens with age. It can affect any region of the spine - cervical (neck), thoracic (upper, mid back), lumbar (low back) or lumbosacral (low back/sacrum). With ageing, regular age-related cellular changes, like wear-and-tear can result in the discs losing their normal shape. These alterations may lower the amount of disc space between vertebral bodies and ultimately affect normal movement of the facet joints. Bone spurs or osteophytes occur, which can pinch a spinal nerve root leading to inflammation and pain.

·        Adult Scoliosis – This happens when the Spine curves abnormally to the left or right. Although it is mostly considered to be affecting the adolescents but many adults are affected too. It progresses from the childhood and can be thoracic or lumbar or both. Also, spinal ailments like Degenerative Disc Disease or Osteoporosis may lead to changes in the structure of the vertebral bodies.

·      Herniated Disc – Also referred to as  slipped or ruptured or torn disc, this is an abnormality of the intervertebral disc and occurs when the inner core that is the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc bulges out through the outer layer of ligaments, which surround the disc that is the annulus fibrosis. This tear in the annulus fibrosis causes extreme pain in the back at the area of Herniation. If the protruding disc puts pressure on a spinal nerve, the pain may spread to the area of the body that is catered to by that nerve.

·      Lumbar Spinal Stenosis – In this, there is gradual narrowing of the spinal canal, which happens due to degeneration of both the facet joints and the intervertebral discs. Bone spurs, called osteophytes, develop because of the excessive load on the intervertebral disc, and grow into the spinal canal. The facet joints also broaden as they become arthritic, and there is decrease in the space available for the nerve roots. The ligaments of the spinal column, especially the ligamentum flavum, stiffen, less flexible, and thicken with age, which also contributes to spinal stenosis.

Packages for Spine Surgeries in India

When it comes to Spinal conditions treatment in India, cost effectiveness is that one feature, which has placed India much ahead than many other leading countries. The medical tourists are reaping the benefits of the unmatched and reasonably priced Spinal cure in India. For example, the Spinal Fusion surgery costs $65,000 in USA whereas in India it costs only $5,500. Similarly, Disc Replacement Surgery in USA costs $55,000 while in India it costs only $11,000.

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Quality Medical Services from Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants

Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants is one of the leading service providers that cater to the international patients with the best healthcare amenities, specifically for Spinal conditions treatment in India. Some of the services that have put us much ahead are:

·        Internationally accredited hospitals empanelled with us

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·        Very cost effective Spine treatment packages

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