Spinal Endoscopic Surgery Success rate in India attracting several Medical Tourists

Overview & Surgery types

The human backbone or Spine is formed of 26 bone discs that are called as Vertebrae, which prevent any injury to affect our Spinal Cord and also facilitate our standing and bending. But there can be numerous problems that can damage or alter the structure of the Spine or even affect the vertebrae and the nearby tissues. These problems can include any kind of infections, traumatic injury, tumours, medical conditions like Scoliosis or Ankylosing Spondylitis, or changes in the bones that come with ageing and bring conditions like Herniated Discs and Spinal Stenosis.

There are three main types of Spine surgeries:

  • Laminectomy – to provide relief for nerve root decompression
  • Discectomy – in this there is removal of portion of a disc to get rid of pressure on the nerve
  • Spinal Fusion – long term or permanent fusion of two or more vertebrae to give more steadiness

Best Spine Specialist in India

There are outstanding clinical teams in the Indian hospitals, which are working wholeheartedly while catering to patients coming to India for Spine treatments. The Spine doctors and surgeons of India are internationally reputed and have several years of training and extensive experience in this field. These Spine specialists are highly competent and thus success rate of Spinal treatment in particularly, the Spinal Endoscopic Surgery Success rate in India is very high leaving no doubts in the minds of the visiting patients.

Things need to Remember

Endoscopic Spine Surgery is the most modern form of Spine procedure, where highly powerful magnifying and surgical instruments are put to use. As compared to cutting open the back in the traditional Spine surgeries, in Endoscopic Spine surgery, the surgeons just need to insert very advanced surgical instruments through a small incision in the back.

Some of the things to keep in mind are:

  • Endoscopic Spine surgery is surely is great option but not every patient is a suitable candidate for this and also not all Spine ailments can be corrected by this procedure.
  • This procedure is no doubt extremely safe and effective for conditions like Disc Herniation, Spinal Stenosis and many other Spinal diseases. But as the same time, for conditions involving Spinal Fusion and Fixations or for conditions like Spondylolisthesis, it is still very tricky.
  • Finding out the apt cause of back pain is very crucial before determining whether Endoscopic Spine surgery is right for a particular patient. So only after the right evaluation tests like MRIs, it should be finalized.
  • The success rate of a surgery depends majorly on the skills of the associated surgeon. So, before finalizing the spinal surgeon, it is very important that the patient known if the specific surgeon is really mastered the procedure or how many of these procedures have he or she performed.

Outcome after Surgery

The outcome of this procedure is undeniably much safe and enormously effective. Being a minimally invasive procedure, it has its own benefits. The recovery time is much faster and thus the patient is back on his or her feet sooner. Also, patients have reported of enjoying long term relief from the persistent pain.

Cost of Surgery in India

Be it any field of medicine, India is an extremely favored country today in the matter of cost effectiveness. There are hardly a few countries that may stand a chance to compete with Indian healthcare sector in this matter. The medical tourists are highly satisfied in India as they have to shell out much lesser amount of money than they would have to in any other country. So for example, the cost of complex Spine surgeries with implant in India is $7,500 while is USA it is $13,500. Further, the cost Spinal Fusion in India is only $5,500 whereas in USA it is as high as $62,000.

Benefits with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants

There are numerous benefits of planning your medical tour with us.

  • Spine treatment at highly advanced and internationally accredited hospitals
  • The Spine specialists connected with us are masters in this field, not only in India but also recognized worldwide
  • High success rate; specifically Spinal Endoscopic Surgery Success rate in India matches global benchmarks
  • The patients are cured by implementing the most progressive treatment techniques, assuring safe results
  • Our processes are extremely transparent and hassle free
  • We ascertain that you are looked after throughout your health tour till you are back in your country totally cured
  • Very affordable Spine treatment
  • No lengthy wait lists

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