Affordable Laser Treatment for Cervical Spondylosis at Top Hospitals in India

Treatment Overview

Today, there are many types of modern Spine surgeries available for the benefits of the patients suffering from severe Spine ailments. One of the most advanced procedures implemented is Laser Spine surgery, where the surgeons use lasers to eliminate the sources of nerve pain and sensitivity by removing the ends and reducing the size of the discs between the vertebrae to reduce the pressure, which is causing the pain; basically to remove the diseased tissues. It is a minimally invasive procedure as a laser can be inserted through a very tiny incision. This procedure is beneficial for those with Spine conditions like Scoliosis, Herniated Discs, Kyphosis, etc.

Laser Spine Surgery Hospitals in India

1. Fortis Hospital – Fortis Hospitals is home to some of the most progressive treatment techniques, associated with every healthcare speciality and thus has become one of the most preferred treatment destinations for patients from all across the globe. This group of hospitals has been helping innumerable patients by relieving them of the most difficult ailments. The clinical teams associated with every department have some of the world renowned doctors and surgeons.

2. Global Hospital – This name is mostly associated with excellence and uncompromised quality of healthcare services offered to countless patients. Each department of this hospital is self sufficient in itself and equipped with the best treatment technology and methodologies. It has ample availability of medical resources and strives hard to keep its infrastructure updated all the time.

3. Apollo Hospital – It is one of the most preferred hospitals for the worldwide patients; and the availability of the most sophisticated cure has placed this hospital in a very reputed stature across the world. The doctors here are not only qualified and have the perfect set of skill to handle the most complex medical condition with high surgical success.

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Cost of Laser Spine Surgery in India

Despite being the general assumption that Spinal surgeries being very expensive, these surgeries are very sensibly priced; particularly Laser Treatment for Cervical Spondylosis in India is extremely affordable. It helps those patients immensely, who even though need these surgeries but cannot reach them because of the haft prices. Thus, India is a boon for those who want to avail the most progressive treatment and surgeries at cost effective prices.

Recovery Time for Surgery

The recovery time for Laser Spine surgery is almost 1/6th of what it is in conventional surgeries. Post Laser Spine surgery, the recovery process and time is very crucial and depends on some very vital factors:

  • The kind of procedure that the patient has undergone decides the duration of healing
  • The patient’s overall health condition
  • If the patient stringently follows all the restrictions suggested by the doctor
  • Laser Spine surgery being a highly advanced surgery, the patients may get rid of the pain sooner but still it is very important that ample amount of time is given for complete healing
  • The patient might be given a ‘brace’ to wear; the patient must be cautious to wear it as per the instructions of the doctor
  • Physical therapy plays a very significant role after Laser Spine Surgery. It is very important that the patient attends all the sessions dedicatedly
  • Before returning to the routine activities, the patient should consult with the doctors if it is the appropriate time to do so

Surgery Benefits

There are several benefits of getting a Laser Spine Surgery:

  • First and foremost is the faster recovery, tiny incision and lesser scarring
  • It is very beneficial for those who cannot go for traditional back surgeries, which are more invasive in nature
  • Time taken for the Laser Spine surgery is much lesser so it is easier for people, who want to return to their routine at the earliest
  • Highly advanced surgical tools are used and hence the level of precision is very high, leaving hardly any chances for complications
  • Far lesser chances of infection

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