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Overview to Robotic Prostate Surgery

Robotic prostate surgery at India is a new technology in surgical robotics that holds a great scope. Robotic surgery is often considered as the new revolution in the field of medical science. It is one of the most talked topics on surgeries in today’s date. Till the current point of time the drive to develop robotic devices has been managed by the market. There is no doubt that surgical robots will become an important tool in medical science in the forthcoming years however the extend of their use is till to be evolved completely. Robotic surgery is a new and emerging technology that has taken the surgical profession into influence. Surgical robotic devices seem to play a more marketing role than a practical role in the field of healthcare. 

Robotic surgery is also known as computer assisted surgery or robot assisted surgery. This surgery was invented to overcome the disadvantages of minimally invasive surgery. Instead of directly moving the instruments the surgeon uses a computer console for manipulation of the instruments that are attached to the multiple robotic arms. In robotic surgery the computer does translation of the surgeon’s movements which are then carried out on the patient by the surgical robot. The other feature of the surgical robot includes a filtering system of integrated tremors and ability to do scaling of the movements.

Why do robotic surgery?

Robotic surgery is a kind of procedure that is same to laparoscopic surgery. This surgery can be performed through smaller surgical cuts than traditional open surgery. The precise and small movements that are possible with this kind of surgery grant certain advantages to it over endoscopic surgeries. Sometimes a robot assisted laparoscopy can enable a surgeon to perform a less invasive procedure that was once only possible with more minimally invasive surgery. Once it gets placed in the abdomen, then a robotic arm is easier for the doctor to use than the instruments in the endoscopic surgery. The robot reduces the surgeon’s movements and decreases some of the hand tremors and movements that can otherwise make the surgery less precise. Also robotic instruments can have access the most complicated areas of your body through smaller incisions as compared to traditional laparoscopic surgery and open surgery.  


Types of robotic surgeries

1)        Robotic abdominal surgery: Surgeons use robot assisted techniques for stomach procedures ranging from appendix and gallbladder surgery to treatment of rectal cancer and hernia repair. Most patients undergoing robotic procedures face less post operational pain. These patients leave the hospital a little bit earlier and return to activities of normal life quickly. For people having rectal cancer the robotic surgery can also help in prevention of damage to vital nerves and tissues. In the past, it was a tough task to cure cancers in the lower part of the rectum. This proved that some patients required an artificial opening in the abdomen to eliminate waste. This changed the prestige of robotic surgery. Because robotic surgical arms are more flexible than standard laparoscopic tools and allow greater precision in difficult areas. Experienced surgeons can now spare delicate nerves by using medically safe robotic abdominal surgery.

2)        Robotic Cardiothoracic Surgery: This surgery enables your surgeons to reach your heart through small incisions in the side of your chest wall rather than by cutting open the breast bone. Avoiding a long chest incision decreases pain and recovery time so you resume normal activities quickly. Robotic surgery also leaves smaller and less noticeable scars than open chest surgery. This surgery has lower risk of infection and may lessen the blood loss. Robotic assisted surgery can treat heart disorders that are present at the time of birth as well as those that develop later in life. The robotic surgical technology is used to repair heart valves and congenital heart disorders. Radio cardiothoracic surgery is performed without splitting the breast bone or making your heart to stop. This surgery involves less complications and less post operative bleeding including a hospital stay. The patient gets discharged from the hospital just within 48 hours with quicker recovery. 

3)        Robotic gynecologic surgery: This kind of surgery is performed by using the Da Vinci robotic system for gynecologic surgery and is being assisted in the process. The use of the system has led to safer and more effective non invasive treatments for a wide range of pelvic disorders that affect women. These include cervical cancer, endometriosis, hysterectomy, pelvic organ prolapsed, uterine cancer, uterine fibroids and vaginal fistulas.

Robotic prostate surgery at Indian neurosurgery hospitals

The quality of Indian healthcare is growing day by day. It has earned a new level of successful outcomes. Indian doctors and neurosurgeons have set a high benchmark of providing successful robotic prostate surgery in India. Indian surgeons are gaining popularity due to performing providing successful robotic surgery in India at a low cost along with world class amenities with best results. These features of Indian healthcare system have impressed many foreign patients and they are readily coming to India for getting world class medical treatment.

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