Redefining perfection- Advantages of computer-assisted surgery

Computer assisted surgery (CAS) is a surgical concept and set of methodologies that use computer technology for determining a surgical plan, and ensuring a smooth flow of guidance and surgical interventions. CAS is an image guided surgery and has been a prominent factor in the development of robotic surgery. CAS minimizes the limb alignment problems that tend to occur after a knee replacement surgery. The computer assisted system is advanced and intuitive which provides better planning, imitation and gradual verification of surgical techniques allowing surgeons to get perfectly defined alignment, increasing the longevity of the implant, removing the need for a second surgery. Getting it right the first time averts the need of a revision surgery, which are also costlier and have higher complication chances.

Computer-assisted surgery assists the surgeons in aligning patient’s joint implants with accuracy which is otherwise not possible with the naked eye. The surgery is performed by the surgeon himself and the computer gathers the information from the patient’s body and tells the surgeon where the precise cut needs to be made. A computer assisted surgery offers some of the following add-ons during a treatment.

    •    provides visual affirmation at each stage of the operation allowing modification to the plan during the procedure depending on the intra-operative findings

    •    surgeons get an unprecedented information during a procedure
    •    surgeons can perform the surgery exactly as planned
    •    accurate end result
    •    superior tissue balancing
    •    augmented exactness due to a well determined plan
    •    less invasive, safer
    •    increased productivity with perfect accuracy.

The life and longevity of a new joint implant depends on patient’s weight, activity level, age and other health aspects, and so each patient responds differently. The common side effects are loosening, wearing out of components, infection, osteolysis, dislocation, fracture, and tissue reaction. Some of the obesity patients need perfect component alignment because even a little misalignment, apparently not visible to the naked eye, may severely shorten the life span of the artificial joint.
Computer navigation system eases calculation of data, have dynamic intra-operative feedback and to obtain more reproducible results. Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants is a medical tourism company helping international patients reach the best and the latest form of Computer-assisted surgeries for different health conditions. The team has associations with greatest medical centers providing flawless treatment at affordable rates.

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